To create a new invoice, there are 2 way. You can create an invoice from scratch or you can create one from within an appointment. Here we will show you how to create one from scratch.

To create a new invoice from scratch, please follow these steps:

1. Click the dollar bill icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Click on the "Create New Invoice" button at the top of the Invoices page (see image below). This will open up the new invoice screen.

3. In the customer info area, you can either select an existing customer (one that is listed in customers) from the drop-down selector or you can enter new information. None of this information is required to create an invoice, but we suggest adding at least a company name, persons name or both.

4. The Invoice Number is auto populated for what is set in the settings area. You don't need to change this, unless there is a specific reason. Adjust the Invoice Date and Due Date to your linking. The Status is automatically set to Unpaid, but you can change to whatever you like.

5. The 3 custom fields (see image below) are setup in the settings area under Custom Appointment Fields. They will be visible on the invoice, if they are set to be visible on the appointment. If you make them not visible for the appointment, they will NOT be visible on the invoice.

6. Now you can enter you product or service items. To add a new row, click Add Row. To delete an item, click the red trash bin icon to the right of the item. As you enter items, the quantity and the price, the Total, Sub Total and Total Due will automatically calculate for you. If you need to add sales tax to the invoice, you simply put the tax rate percentage into the Tax Rate box. For example, in IN and FL the tax rate is 7%, you would put 7 in the Tax Rate box. All the amounts will be automatically calculated for you. Add any notes you would like the customer to see and click Create Invoice.

That's it! You just created your invoice.