When using the SMS by Email, you will receive, reply and send text messages, via email, from your email. You CANNOT send texts, via email, from any other email address.

RECEIVING A TEXT MESSAGE: When someone sends you text message, you will receive it in your email inbox.
RESPOND TO RECEIVED TEXT MESSAGE: To respond, you simply hit reply, type your reply, remove any long email signatures and hit send. 
SEND A TEXT MESSAGE: If you want to send a text message to someone that hasn't sent you a text message first, you will create a new email and in the "To" address put the 10 digit number followed by @msg.reachuc.com. So, for example, if you wanted to send 5554448787 a message, the "To" address would look like 5554448787@msg.reachuc.com.

** It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to NOT include your email signature in a text message, as it can make the text turn into multiple texts for the receiver, making it difficult to read and can count as many texts.**